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SC to decide coal e-auction procedure to avoid malpractices

To impart world class value based technical education in all aspects of Computer Science and Engineering through state of the art infrastructure and innovative approach. Close interaction with the industry has led to the evolution of a teaching system, which produces diligent and erudite engineers. The students get an exposure to various aspects of computer hardware, software and practical handling of computers.


An alternative to TCP is UDP, oruser datagram protocolwhich does not provide error-checking or handshaking, making it suitable for high-speed applications such as live broadcasting, gaming or video conferencing. TCP is more suited to transfering documentsand data reliably. In addition to anIP address, aportdefines which application receives specific data. Multiplexingallows collecting multiple data segments from various ports and sending them out.

The average salary for these professionals ranges between INR 3 to 15 Lacs per annum based on their experience and expertise in this field. Able to develop confidence for self-education, teamwork and ability for life-long learning. Able to demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities. Able to demonstrate skills to use modern engineering tools and software to analyze technical problems. Able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and in different streams of Engineering.

Ability to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. To understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. Ability to acquire and apply in-depth knowledge in the area of Computer Science and contribute to the state-of-art. Is a full-time undergraduate Engineering course. The duration of this course is 4 years divided into 8 semesters.

Generating web pages from data using templates

POSTis commonly used with web forms to send data to a server or to retrieve sensitive data . If you face such an error, please contact your hosting provider in order to obtain a dedicated IP for Coinbase pricing and costs disclosures your website. Once you get a dedicated IP, you can install the certificate within this IP. Before requesting a dedicated IP you may verify with your web host if they support SNI technology.

Aprotocolis a set of rules that controls the way data is trans- mitted between hosts. The open systems interconnection reference model provides an abstraction of networking, as shown inFigure 4. Inpacket switching, unlike in circuit switching, each data unit to be transferred bythe network doesn’t know the entire path to the destination. Intermediate devices in the network locally decide the path and forward to the next known node that is closer to the destination. The error can appear also with a wildcard certificate, if you are trying to access a subdomain of the fourth or a higher level, while a wildcard certificate is valid for the main domain and subdomains of the third level.

Static web applicationsare static internet resources with little to no interaction with the user. Dynamic web applicationshave more user interactions, and users can input, change and manipulate data. Differences between web applications and desktop applications are shown inTable 1.

By forcing this captcha on you, we can ensure that we offer you desired results. DisadvantagesLess honest response.Rush to complete.E-mail maybe answered by other person, low level in computer literacySome people are not able to read and write.By post quite expensive.By hand time consuming. This will reduce misunderstandings and make the questionnaire appear easier to complete. One way to eliminate misunderstandings is to emphasize crucial words in each item by using bold, italics or underlining.Leave adequate space for respondents to make comments.

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Basic database operations, providing access to databases from middleware

Defining complementary testbeds with different node types, topologies and environments allows for coverage of a wide range of real-life use-cases. Possess practical and theoretical knowledge of computer science and software engineering sufficient to earn a living and contribute to the economic development of the region, state and nation. Enhance their skills and embrace new computing technologies through self-directed professional development and post-graduate training or education. The 3 years Diploma programme in Computer Science and Engineering is meant for the students who have passed 10th standard.

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  • Usually a dedicated IP is required in order to install the SSL certificate.
  • The Certificate is installed, but the domain is pointed to a shared IP addresses.

The Department of Computer Science is one of the oldest Department of Engineering in CVRU constituents units of the Faculty of Computer Sciences. It was established in the year 2007 with the objective of producing IT professionals of international standard and to primary fulfil requirements of booming IT industry and develop researchers. The Department offers DIPLOMA, UG, PG, and Research Programmes. The department is committed to provide quality higher education on the field of Computer Science & Engineering with the understanding, knowledge and practical competence to participate in a long revolution.

During the establishment of an SSL/TLS session, the client’s browser compares the Common Name the primary certificate is issued for, with the domain name the browser tries to resolve. If the Common Name differs from the domain name the request was sent to, the Common Name mismatch warning occurs. Usually a dedicated IP is required in order to install the SSL certificate. If there is already a certificate installed within the same IP address, the browser will establish a connection to the original certificate installed within the IP address. The Certificate is installed, but the domain is pointed to a shared IP addresses. We want the respondent to complete our questionnaireProvide incentives as a motivation for a properly completed questionnaire.

Representing data in databases, relational databases

Use professional production methods for the questionnaire–either desktop publishing or typesetting and key lining. The easier it is for the respondent to complete the questionnaire the better. The final test of a questionnaire is to try it on representatives of the target audience. The students receive hands on practical experience in the field of System Administration, System Engineering, Hacking and Security. Red Hat Linux Administration is the key practice in this lab.


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Library has a reading room with newspapers, technical journals and magazines. This course has a wide scope in terms of career prospects. A lot many engineering courses are as it is very popular in the current times, but software engineering particularly becomes one such course which has a lot of scope in the future to come. An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. Ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, manufacturability, and sustainability.

Computer Science Engineering

De-multiplexingdoes the opposite, checking each received datagram and delivering itto the correct port. Aweb applicationis a client-server software application in which the user interface runs in a web browser. It could be a computer program which allows a user to submitand retrieve data to or from a database over the Internet using their preferred browser. It is an application in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the web each time it is run.

TheHTTP servercompiles the results from databases and scripting language, and controls what options are available to the end user viaconfiguration files. Each call is treated independently and there is no information maintained between two successive requests. Only the client can initiate a request-response action, the server cannot contact the client. If the information will be used in a decision-making process, then keep the question…

6 Basic database operations, providing access to databases from middleware6 Primary Keys.6.1 Integrity Constraints. However, the bench refused to hear an application filed by a coal purchaser challenging the decision to blacklist it and 12 others from participating in the future e-booking and e-auction programme directly or indirectly. It also sought delivery of 50 MT of coal allegedly allocated to them and also refund of excessive deposit made in this regard. The misuse by such bidders not only clogged up the network but also attempted to obtain an unfair advantage by preventing other purchasers to access the server. “The use of such software has the potential to cause damage to the server and impede the working of the website both of which are offences under the Information technology Act, 2002,” it said. However, it refused to vacate the stay granted against the Bombay High Court judgement that asked the coal companies not to blacklist or debar the traders from participating in the future e-booking or e-auction of coal.


Inserting data is done using theINSERTcommand and specifying values with theVALUESkeyword. When a web application is accessed, the following steps occur in order. They had sought vacation of the stay granted in February this year by the apex court in view of the fact that their user IDs had been re-activated and they were being allowed to participate in the e-auction. The CIL had introduced the system of e-booking in October 2007 and stopped issuance of fresh linkages to non-core sector from 2001 as quantitative demand in this sector had exceeded the coal availability in the subsidiary companies. The parameter adopted in identifying unscrupulous traders was to identify those customers who sent more than 100 requests with frequency of 30 or more requests in 15 or less seconds, it stated.

The Lab is dedicated for Database related practicals. High configuration computer systems installed with softwares like Oracle Server, MySQL are used by the students to execute their Database related projects and assignments. The main reason for its popularity is because of the coming of new technology and the on-going research in the technological field. The technological advancements require software development; hence M.Tech. Software Engineering course has proved itself to be most likely in demand.

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